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Merry Christmas Wishes
December 24 Christmas Eve   Diciembre 24 Nochebuena
December 25 Christmas Day   Diciembre 25 Feliz Navidad

The Christmas season, also known as the holiday season is a time period that surrounds Christmas & other holidays. It is generally considered to run from late November, just after Thanksgiving thru New Years Day.

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Christmas Eve Cards
Based upon tradition, Christmas begins on Christmas Eve, it is the traditional Christian liturgical day which starts at sunset. It is an inheritance from Jewish tradition, and it based of the story of creation in Genesis; "And there was evening, and there was morning, the first day. However, the real Christmas celebration begins in the heart, whether it is Christmas evening, Christmas Eve, Christmas day or in spanish, Nochebuena.

Funny Christmas Greeting Cards
The Christmas holiday season is unlike any other holiday period of the year. It is a time of jubilation, full of joy and celebration. This joy is based on the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. With
happy spirits come funny Christmas cards, holiday humor, Christmas jokes, Xmas comedy, & funny Christmas videos.

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